Commercial Projects

Commercial interiors can be unfairly stereotyped as being ‘dull’ and ‘repetitive’. We want to change that.

At PLD we have a strong background in delivering high end projects for high end clients and luxury brands in the areas of hospitality, leisure and residential - sectors typically associated with higher quality and higher attention to detail.

As a result we approach all of our commercial projects with a different mindset. From workplace, retail and F&B to leisure and public spaces we draw on our experience to deliver projects that are unique, inviting and individual.

Tailored to each client our designs use texture, colour, materiality and attention to detail typically unseen in a commercial project.


The process begins with a meeting, to determine what the client would like to do with their space, what the aspirations are for their business, for now and the future. We combine this with our knowledge and experience to form a brief.

For all our clients we approach our work with the same passion, creativity, care and attention to detail. We take time to understand our clients, their leadership, their employees, the end-user.

We take time to understand operational processes, technological requirements, performance goals, certification targets, the site and the context. Aligning ideas, values, time and cost.


We focus on high quality materials, intelligent use of space, incorporating nature and light to deliver the best possible solution for our clients. The concept and the final design is tailor made to the needs of the client, rather than working to a particular style. This applies whether the space is to be occupied by the client, a tenant, or is being developed speculatively.

All aspects of a design are connected, so we design holistically to create a complete solution. All scales are considered from site context down to furniture and fittings.


Attention to detail and well-designed interfaces with beautiful and sustainable materials allow the designs we create to feel good as well as look good.

As part of tailoring each project to the client we are often required to deliver unique designs to achieve a particular look or feel. PLD have the expertise required to design bespoke joinery and fittings, working closely with craftsman and contractors to ensure these are delivered to the highest standard.

We involve our clients throughout the process of selecting furniture, material and finishes. With meetings in person or in a showroom. Procuring any items where required.


Successful delivery comes from pro-activity and good engagement. For PLD to be a valued team member communication with our clients, consultants and collaborators is key. We listen, learn and remain engaged throughout to ensure the best possible outcome.

Throughout our projects we work closely with a range of consultant disciplines to provide complete and well considered designs. Providing detail, recommending contractors, sourcing suppliers and procuring where required to assist successful project delivery.


Our involvement does not end at the design. Adding finishing touches, and space dressing to further improve or promote the spaces we create is seen as a key part of the service we offer. We take pride in being an ongoing point of contact, providing support where possible and helping clients to settle into their new spaces