The Brief01

At the start of this process, we arrange a meeting for you to tell us your vision and discuss the scope of the project. This may take place at your site, in our design studio or even over coffee. It is important at this stage that we align our ideas, values, time, and costs; many of the most successful designs encapture something personal of both client and designer.

Only by understanding the individuals behind the project is it possible to truly produce a design that embraces every aspect of the brief. What story would a chef like to tell through a dinner service? Does a couple prefer to have breakfast in the drawing room or garden at the weekend? Does an accountant prefer to work standing or seated? These are the kind of details we consider when drafting our designs.

Presenting The Ideas02

Now we have the brief, we begin establishing a design direction. This process is led by your needs and aspirations. Here, we draw inspiration from art, history, culture, music, food — or anything else that spikes our collective imaginations. At Paola Leon Design we pride ourselves in our ability to learn and work collaboratively, as we listen closely to how the client sees the end project while inspiring each other with our unique experiences and ideas.

This is the exciting part as we present you with a visual realisation of what started out as perhaps a dream or even a list of requirements. Incorporating floor plans, illustrations, CGIs, 3D models, and even Virtual Reality, the presentations always inspire and provoke thought, enabling further conversation on the overall look and feel, layout, and other details.

Selecting Materials03

This is where you hand over to us. You have confirmed the direction the design will take, signed off on plans and settled on a budget and we are now ready to start sourcing materials. Whether the client is aiming for recognised environmental or wellness credentials or has just taken a fancy to the wallpaper in a favourite TV soap, we will endeavour to seek out materials from anywhere in the world to add that special quality to the design.

Commissioning The Artisans04

At Paola Leon Design we work closely with skilled craftsmen and craftswomen to design bespoke pieces that meet your specific needs. We work alongside these artisans throughout the design process to ensure we achieve the quality of craftsmanship that your project deserves.
The greatest projects are enriched with unique pieces designed specifically for them, imparting a defined voice and distinguishing them from the run-of-the-mill.

Adding The Finishing Touches05

This stage in the project is one of the most enjoyable, both for you and for us as designers. This is where we decorate and bring your project to life with favoured treasures already owned or with new pieces uncovered in studios, unassuming markets or grand auctions. Here we like to invite you to join us on these trips of discovery, to find individual pieces that add a unique and personal touch to your project. These decorative finishes are a key element in an organic process. In commercial projects it is often these final touches that help promote spaces and in residential projects they are what help give the space that personal definition.


Design that sanctions us to be greater at our jobs, feel connected and engaged. Biophilic design instigates exploration and challenges our minds. It can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity and improve our overall well-being. A space becomes alive and radiates when natural elements like wood and water are introduced.